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Born on 03.11.2012

I'm just gonna say it–this mama was a bad ass!!!! Authentic. No question about it. Straight out bad ass!!! I am SO proud of her!

This baby had the delivery unit buzzing this morning! But not at first. In fact, we were heading home after about 6 hours (+1 mysterious day light savings time hour we won't count) and about 2 cm dilation. False alarm.

So there we were. Leaving. Literally. Bags all packed up, signed the discharge papers, down the elevator, Dad started to rush ahead of us to get the car to pull up to meet us at the door…and just as Dad rounded the corner ahead of us, I saw it in her face. Things had changed. This contraction was NOT like the others. She fell to her knees and said, "let's go back."

Maybe it was all she needed–the thought of going home turned on some magical oxytocin-inducing switch. More powerful than any Pitocin I've ever seen!

So, 7am: walking out of hospital–don't think baby's coming right now

7:10 (ish): turn around

7:10-7:50 (ish) laboring in the delivery room.

8:00am: getting in laboring tub (still thinking we have time) and the midwives change shifts. Welcome to work, Midwife! Hope you had your coffee and are ready to go!

8:06 (ish): feeling the urge to push (but hospital won't allow baby to be born in tub room so we have to quickly get her back to her delivery room down the hall)

8:10 (ish): back in room and midwife sees that baby is crowning. right now.

8:16: baby Violet was born!

I loved it! It was incredible to witness. No one had time for fear. Really, the only thing allowed in that hour was authentic, instinctual reactions from everyone involved: Mom was braving what we knew were strong contractions (but we truly didn't realize HOW strong), Dad was reassuring and steady in his care for her, and the midwife orchestrated a beautiful delivery in a matter of minutes. I felt privileged to be a part of it! WOW!!!!


My biggest thought today about being a birth coach:

Excitement makes it feel like I can't get me to hospital fast enough (it's go time). Once I leave the client and sit in the car, it seems exhaustion makes me feel like I can't get home fast enough! I guess that means I know I gave it my all!